You use your shower virtually daily, making it a necessary component of your house. In addition to being a significant inconvenience, a broken shower can increase your home’s vulnerability to other plumbing crises like floods. Bluesky Plumbing & Heating Services offers shower repair and maintenance services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Your shower may need repairs for several reasons. As soon as you spot a problem, call your plumber. Let’s investigate the various plumbing concerns that might be present. We’ll show you what to check for to recognise these severe plumbing risks immediately.

1) Colorless Shower Water
Since the purpose of the shower is to help you get clean, the water should be apparent. The likelihood that your battery requires repairs increases if you notice a tint in the water’s colour. The water may have a faint orange, yellow, or brown colour. This is a clear sign that your pipes are corroded. Sometimes a tiny bit of pipe rust breaks off and taints the water, but this is typically unharmful and undetectable.

When you detect significant water colouration, a problem exists. This can be a sign of a seriously corroded pipe. The best action is to run your water for 1-2 minutes and check to see if it clears up. Sometimes, lines that haven’t been used in a while need a little time to clear away rust and excess buildup before the water is clean. If this issue continues, it is advised to contact your plumber. They can swap out the pipes attached to your shower, restoring clean water flow.

2) Reduced Water Pressure
There could be several reasons why your water pressure suddenly dropped. There may not always be any need for alarm. A physical impediment, such as mineral buildup on the showerhead’s outside, might cause low water pressure. Running multiple separate appliances at once can also cause problems. However, it might also be a symptom of something more dangerous, like a pipe leak.

Inspect the nozzle to see whether the issue is caused by a mineral buildup clogging the showerhead. Although minerals are present in our water naturally and are entirely safe, they can accumulate over time in our sinks and other water sources. Several cleaning chemicals can swiftly break down the buildup, and do-it-yourself methods can quickly eliminate them.
If there are no indications that mineral buildup is obstructing the showerhead, the low water pressure may be brought on by a pipe leak. When the shower is running, you can occasionally hear a trickling sound in the walls of your house due to a pipe leak. Call your plumber immediately if you notice low water pressure for no apparent reason; this indicates that your shower needs to be repaired.

3) Leaks or Dripping from the Shower Head
A leaky shower in Vancouver might significantly raise your expenses if you need to be more attentive. Shower leaks are typically simple to fix. It frequently happens that a band or cartridge in the showerhead has worn out. When it comes to faucet repair and replacement parts, there are many different possibilities. It’s essential to call in the plumbing experts because it can be a challenging task.

4) Changes in Temperature
When the water in the shower gets cold, it is never a pleasant feeling. The good news is that it frequently stems from your hot water tank rather than a malfunctioning shower. Not only is the familiar dripping sound of a leaky showerhead annoying, but it could also be a sign of trouble. Several litres of water can be lost each day due to leaking showers. Use the drip calculator to determine how much water you’re wasting due to a leaking showerhead or faucet.

For showers, dishwashing, and laundry, hot water tanks heat and store warm water at a predetermined temperature.

The drawback of having a water tank is that occasionally you use all available hot water. You can have a cold shower as the water tank gently heats additional water. Consider tankless water heaters if this is a problem you commonly encounter. Thanks to these systems’ on-demand water heating, you’ll always have hot water.

5) Splits in the Molding
Cracks could ultimately show up if the walls of your shower are made of tile and grout. Your battery’s walls could sustain damage if they are covered in tiles and grout. In addition to the grout in your shower wearing out naturally over time, poor installation may also cause it. It may be cause for concern if you notice significant gaps in the grout or cracks starting to appear. Your walls may become wet and develop mould as a result of grout cracks. You can DIY grout re-sealing, and you should seal your shower at least once a year.

6) Slow Water Drainage
It may be a clogged drain if, while taking a shower, you observe water gathering by your feet. Drain clogging can occur for several reasons and is typically not a significant indication that your battery needs repairs. As a weekend project, you can unclog your clogged drain by using a drain snake. It’s advisable to consult experts, nevertheless, if the issue continues. Hair and other debris can frequently become lodged deep within your drain. A drain snake removes any obstruction by dislodging it and dragging it out. Drain snakes work well to clear obstacles, but hiring a plumber is advisable if there’s a significant obstruction.

As soon as the issue is fixed, you can buy a shower drain guard to help collect hair and debris and prevent it from entering your drains.

7) Weird Sounds
When the shower is running, a weird sound from the walls can occasionally indicate that your battery requires repairs. It can signify that a pipe or valve is loose if you hear odd noises, ranging from high-pitched screeching to mechanical noises like clanging pipes or rushing water. Your plumber should examine for leaks caused by unstable lines.  BlueSky Plumbing & Heating offers 24/7 emergency service to help with leaks and other plumbing issues; visit website for more information.