The winter season has officially arrived all around the United States and Canada. As the temperature drops, many homes are experiencing seasonal stress. Make every effort to prevent plumbing issues from appearing on the list. Discover some of the most severe plumbing issues that can occur during the winter and how to avoid them.

Having issues with the hot water heater
Nothing is more uncomfortable than stepping into a shower that you believe is warm and inviting, only to discover that it is ice-cold. When it’s cold outside, this is really annoying. It’s critical to address any issues with your hot water heater immediately. There could be a faulty heating element or blown pilot pipes, or you might only need to empty the sediment deposits. Calling a skilled plumber is the best course of action for problem-solving.

Sewer Line Back-Ups
Septic tank or sewage line backups are issues that no homeowner ever wants to deal with, but they are particularly challenging to handle in the winter. The cost to repair backups might be significantly more during the winter than during the summer since pipes are colder and sometimes even frozen. As a result, it’s advantageous to have the tank cleaned and pumped before issues arise.

Drainage Problems
Leaves, dirt, and snow can clog your gutters and drains in your property. This generates “ice dams,” leading to leaks and water damage. To avoid these problems, flush gutters and drains with a hose or install a gutter guard.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Walls
In many homes, the kitchen sink pipes are located outside the wall, allowing for a window installation. Cold temperatures might cause the pipes to freeze. You can avoid this by allowing warm air to pass through your home’s cabinets and heat up those pipes.

Frozen Pipes
Frozen pipes are the most typical winter plumbing issue. Exposed pipes can freeze and eventually break, a costly problem to remedy. Disconnect all exterior hoses and, if feasible, insulate the faucets to prevent them. Wrap heat tape around any visible exposed external pipes.

If these winter plumbing issues arise, we’re ready to help home and business owners in Vancouver!